In the 1940's, a small company was founded on the south coast of England. Chemists, John Farrow & Richard Ball, established a reputation for quality and kept with their formula even though other paint companies switched to cheaper acrylics with plastic content after the war. Today they still use the finest ingredients and still offer customers a range of colors and finishes. Their extraordinary artisinal wallpapers are made using the real paints which makes it easy for the customer to match the correct paint color to the papers. They stand apart as the only manufacturer which actually makes all of the paint and wallpaper sold under its name. For example, their Estate Emulsion offers unsurpassed levels of mattness and depth of color with up to 30% more pigment then other paints.
Farrow & Ball still continues to check each and every batch of paint itself, guaranteeing superior finishes and accuracy of color. Their edited palette of 132 colors in thirteen finishes has been created to ensure a beautiful and harmonious result, inside or outside the home. Some say the depth of color can only be compared to silk, a fiber with a great capacity for pigment.

If we can help you with Farrow & Ball paints, just drop us a note and we will be glad to assist you. Below are some photos using some of the most popular colors, so enjoy the view!

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