DESIGN STYLE: Photo Collages!

The holidays are over and it is time to move on in the new year! A great place to start is to organize those holiday photos and to display them in a proper and unique setting. These great photo collages would be a great asset to any decor and would make your photos be admired by all! They especially look the best with black and white photos. You may find a selection of these for sale at our website: If you see a collage here that is not for sale on our site, just email us and we can help you with the purchase. Email: Enjoy the collages and let us know what you think about displaying your photos in this unique manner.

Collage above: The Tilford - 42w x 28h x 2d - Holds 5 x 7 photos.
Collage above: Beach Life - 38w x 33h x 1d - Holds 5 x 7 and 5 x 5 photos.

Collage above: The Family Tree - 32w x 29 h x 3d.
Collage above: Family Values - 21w x 28h x 2d - Holds 6 x 8 and 5 x 7 photos.
Collage above: Aniella - 60w x 34h x 2d - Holds 4 x 6 and 10 x 10 photos.
Collage above: Lucho - 29w x 31h x 1d - Holds 8 x 10, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4 photos.
Collage above: Eladio - 19w x 42h x 3d - Holds 4 x 6 and 5 x 5 photos.

Collage above: Perlita - 42w x 19h x 2d - Openings are 4" and 3".

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