Add Natural Beauty to your Kitchen with our Bamboo Cutting Board!

Every kitchen needs at least one cutting board, but most have many more than that. Cutting boards can be used for chopping and cutting but also for serving trays or trivets.

Bamboo is the perfect choice for a cutting board or butcher block for many reasons.

• Bamboo makes a beautiful, exotic looking cutting board.

• Bamboo is even harder than maple wood which makes it a better choice for durability.

• Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.

• Bamboo’s grain will not dull knives.

• Bamboo is more resistant to cracking and water absorption than other hardwoods.

• Our Bamboo Cutting boards are proudly made in the USA! Our cutting boards are not imported! All of our cutting boards are Amish handcrafted in Sarasota, Florida.

• Finally bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly replenishing resource.

Call 1-866-272-6773 to order your bamboo cutting board! You can view all of our Bamboo Cutting Boards at or We also have sustainable bamboo furniture!

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