Manuel Canovas of Paris: Toile Fabrics and Wallpaper

         Beautiful toile fabrics and toile wallpapers from Manuel Canovas!

Wallpaper and drapes: Balata in aqua.
Cushions: Balata in ebene
La Musardiere in manganese
Balleroy in jade
Bellegarde in amethyste
Sofa fabric: Colorado in talc.

Clockwise from right:
Bellegarde in rouge
Balleroy in azalee
La Musardiere in manganese
Fleury in ivoire
Tortuga in bleu
Balata in piment

Curtains and sofa: Tortuga in safran
Cushions: Tortuga in safran
Pompadour II in platine
Wallpaper:Tortuga in safran

Tablecloth: Fleury in ivoire
Wallpaper: Fleury in ivoire

All fabrics and wallpapers are sold to the trade. Contact your designer or us for more information. There are many more colorways available in the toile fabrics and wallpapers.

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