Rustic Wood Chandeliers!

I am lucky enough to be located in Atlanta, the home of Bobo's Intriguing Objects. This unique establishment is a treasure trove for the interior designer. Wonderful objects from vintage samples are reproduced and added into their large inventory. You have probably seen some of their most famous wood chandeliers in publications or on other websites. Below are the top sellers from their collection in wood that is rustic and all natural. Sorry, Bobo only sells to the trade. Contact: The Designer Insider or your own interior designer.

All of these beautiful chandeliers are very rustic and made from wine barrels except for the top photo made from wood egg shaped discs. Unique and unusual with wood in its natural state.

All photos courtesy of Bobo's Intriguing Objects. See more on Bobo tomorrow on their vintage market and some of my greatest finds!

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