Decorating A Bookcase!

Make your bookshelves special by arranging them in a unique design, dressing them with special objects and personalizing them with your own touch. Below are great ideas for decorating your own bookcase from the best: Flip! For Decorating. This is a great book to help in arranging rooms and even a bookcase. See the example below from this book and from its author, designer Elizabeth Mayhew.

Decorating hints:

1- Empty your shelves and consider painting the back or lining with colored paper to make them pop! This bookcase has a yellow background.

2- Sort books by size or subject. Remove and discard any ripped dust jackets unless that adds to the value. Line your books in a rhythmic pattern to relieve the monotony of rows.

3- Fill unused spaces with attractive boxes that can store photos, cds or even smaller objects. The blocks of color with break up the rows.

4- Add ceramics and other specific objects, such as small works of art. Place family photos or personal items to make the shelves come to life.

5- Be daring and hang a picture from the bookcase moulding.

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