Carleton V and Adam Calkin

Adam Calkin has always been an artist but when he started creating fabrics and wallpapers he was able to share his love for flora and fauna. Below are some of his most popular creations that are sold through Carleton V.

This beautiful wall covering and fabric is Adam's Eden. A perfect blend of soothing colors on a neutral background.  Adam's Eden - Two background colorways, ivory or taupe on 74% linen and 26% jute. Wallpaper - Four colorways.

This beautiful fabric is one of the most popular and is Zarafshan, a blend of bright colors on a neutral ground. Zarafshan - Six colorways on 100% linen. Gorgeous!

This sofa is the English style and is covered in Chateau, a beautiful print in taupe and brown. Chateau - Three colorways on 100% linen.

The drapes are China Rose along with the wall covering. The chair is covered in Venetian Damask, a personal favorite. Venetian - Seven colorways in 100% linen. China Rose - Five colorways on 100% linen. Wallpaper - Six colorways.

All of these photos courtesy of Carleton V and Lewis and Wood for Adam Calkin. To the trade.

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