F Schumacher Meets Studio Bon Textiles!

Studio Bon Textiles is a wonderful fabric collection sold through F Schumacher. Texture and pattern comes together in a beautiful combination of graphic shapes and colors that are printed on natural fabrics from cotton canvas to linen. Modern and luxurious all at once that easily mixes with traditional fabrics too!

Sally Fire  - Comes in six colorways with the colorway Fire shown in the photo. This fabric is 100% cotton with a small repeat.

Grass - This print comes in six colorways with Stone showing in the photo. This fabric is a medium repeat on 100% cotton.

El Sol - This unique print comes in five colorways with Mink-Mouse shown in the photo. This is a medium repeat on 100% linen.

Drapery - Grass in Stone.
Pillows - This unique print is called Fuzz and is shown here in Black, comes in five colorways. This is a small repeat on 100% cotton.
Sofa - This is one of my favorite fabrics, Wired, which depicts small bird silhouettes on a wire. This fabric is 100% cotton and comes in five colorways. The colorway seen on the sofa is Dove.

All of these fabrics can be purchased through your designer or through The Designer Insider. To the trade. See more at F Schumacher.

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