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Contributor post by Karine Kong of BODIE and FOU

I thought I would share with you a few pictures of our family home in London before Steve, Mila and I head to our holidays home in France on Thursday to finish our tree house.

My family moodboard is nicely coming up...not finish though, but I like how using japanese masking tape this time rather than framing everything single picture, give the room an informal and relax vibe.
The sheepskin on the sofa is mostly there to hide how badly Lucas has chewed the foam of the cushion, which I need to get re-upholster (on top of a brand new pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs, a vintage fur jacket, a helmet, a Zadig & Voltaire cardigan, X amounts of t-shirts now with holes, etc.).


A French girl, living in London with a Neo-Zealander, mum of a five-years old freewi* called Mila. Karine Candice is also the Creative Director and Co-Founder off fabulous online concept store BODIE and FOU which she launched with her sister Elodie in 2005.

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