DIY: The Mason Jar + Mother's Day

Last week I tweeted that I thought the mason jar was the craft product of the year, and even came across a whole category of collected ideas of them recently here. From spray painting to pendant lighting, these jars have become the base behind many a great craft project lately.  With Mother's Day upon us, a few more have been popping up on my radar like this pseudo frame idea for vintage photo's of mothers (an idea from a wedding reception as seen on Ruffled blog - photo by Blink Photography ). I love the idea of creating something like this for mother's day. It's basically zero cost, and yet is packed with sentiment.

Reader Steph Morgan of Modern Parents Messy Kids sent in another fun and simple idea (below), wrapping yarn to create an adorable vase for Mother's Day (or any day for that matter).  Visit her blog to see more DIY vase ideas for Mother's Day.

And what mother wouldn't love a mason jar terrarium handmade by their child or grandchild.  Seriously these are especially adorable. From Doodle Bird Imaginariums.  Click here for more mason jar inspiration.

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