The Cottage Collection: Handpainted Amish Furniture for your Heart.

Featured Photos from top to bottom: Blue Reflections Kaity Cupboard Set, Primitive Nautical Chest of Drawers, Primitive Cupboard Cabinet with Trees.

The Cottage Collection features a wide variety of Amish furniture including armoires, hutches, chests, tables, desks, chairs and chimney cupboards. But the Cottage Collection is not limited to furniture; the men and women who craft the rustic Cottage Collection are not just highly skilled wood workers, they are unbelievable painters. Thus, the Cottage Collection also features a wide variety Amish hand painted wall decorations. Furthermore all Amish furniture and hand paintings in the Cottage Collection are made right here in USA in Pennsylvania!

Every piece of Amish furniture in the Cottage Collection is made to order. This enables our customers to customize their furniture to fit their exact needs, and it creates a final piece that is truly
one of a kind. Furthermore, every piece of Amish furniture in the Cottage Collection is available with decorative carvings and paintings. All carving and painting is done completely by hand. You won’t just be getting furniture; you will get a true Amish handcrafted works of art.

All furniture in the Cottage Collection is crafted with primitive pine and antique woods. The result of using these materials is a charming time-worn look. This look is not for everyone, though it will truly impress those with an appreciation of antiquities and the human hand. All decorative wall paintings are hand painted on antique shutters, door panels, barn boards and tin. Browse through our Cottage Collection. There is something about these paintings that will truly warm your heart.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about our Cottage Collection. We have furniture specialists here to help you find exactly what you are looking for: 866-272-6773.

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