Hand Painted, Hand Crafted Amish Armoires ... It really doesn't get more beautiful!

Our Amish, handcrafted Armoires are honestly more than furniture; they are American-made works of art. Our Amish craftsmen build with pride and integrity. They adhere to time-honored, traditional methods, which have not been altered by mass-production methods; the result is a quality that cannot be found elsewhere. Let me take a minute to talk about the quality of our Amish furniture and Amish Armoires.


There are four key elements that contribute to our Amish furniture’s quality: Wood, Hardware, Construction, and Aesthetics.

(Left: Shaker Armoire with Full Doors)

Our Amish Armoires are built from 100% Solid Hardwood. The use of hardwood ensures a strong Armoire that will last the trials of time. Solid hardwood, coupled with Amish craftsmanship, results in what we call an “heirloom piece,” a piece that will remain with the family for generations.

Our Amish Armoires are built using top-end hardware, both inside and out. The hardware you see will always please your eyes and coincide with the desired design; and the hardware you don’t see will always function effectively, in a manner that keeps you satisfied.

What more needs to be said about the construction of our Amish Armoires? They are handcrafted by the Amish! These men and women truly care about each piece of furniture they produce. Our Amish Armoires are not factory assembled, they are not mass produced, they are not built in Asia; they are American made and built to order! Amish craftsman have long been recognized for their skill with wood. They are well known for their consideration of wood grain in assembly, and their dovetail joints in drawers. Also, because each Amish Armoire is built to order, our craftsmen will work with you to customize your Armoire to fit your home and needs. This is a great service that enables you to truly meet your design and function needs.

(Right: Fleur de Lis Rustic Armoire)

Folks, as far as aesthetics, just take a look around our site. These Amish Armoires are each original, and each beautiful. Their beauty is noticeable and striking; they will become a conversation piece as people visit your home, just as a one of a kind painting would!

Beyond quality, our Amish Armoires are versatile! Armoires function in nearly every room of the house whether it be an entertainment center in the living room, or a place to store your fine clothes in your bedroom; you could even store towels and linens in a bathroom Armoire! Almost all our Armoires can be adapted by our craftsmen to either function as a traditional storage Armoire, or as an entertainment center.

You really can’t go wrong with an Amish Armoire, and I’m not just saying that! They have numerous functions, they are of the highest quality, and they are really, really beautiful!

Call us with any questions about our Amish handcrafted Armoires. We have live Amish Furniture Specialist on call! 1-866-272-6773

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