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Greetings from a summery Sweden. Here, some pictures from an interesting exhibition (sorry only in Swedish) that me, my colleague Katarina and her dog, Perro visited today. Woodworkers, crafts people and designers have decorated sheds in the purpose to stimulate interest in locally produced and sustainable materials. The sheds that are located in Nääs/Gothenburg, is all decorated individual. I especially enjoyed these two. 

This shed is designed for the urban family who longs for a house in the country. The shed includes folding beds and tables, built-in benches with storage and a small kitchenette. Compact, flexible, plain. And good looking.
The orange pattern "Tallhyo" is made by Stig Lindberg.

This shed is a timber in the traditional way but has a different layout. The timber is visible inside and the ceiling is covered with birch bark. The door can be folded out to create a small glass veranda. The newly manufactured windows are made in a manner that was common around 1900."


Elisabeth Dunker is an independent cross-disciplined designer/artist. Holds a MFA from HDK, School of Design and Crafts in Sweden. She also works as a photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden where she lives.  Visit her online here:

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