New Trimmings from Houles of France

This new group from Houles, named Lily, comes in fifteen different colorways with each having nine unique trimmings for all of your needs.

This large tieback is #35235 and is shown here in colorway 9100, a pale yellow and off white mix. The tassel trim on the drapery is #33115.

The top pillow has trim #33116 in color 9170, a yellow and beige mix. The middle pillow is trim #33115 in color 9100. The rope trim is #31284 in the 9700 colorway. This shows you how you can mix colorways together to build a beautiful room.

This smaller sized tassel is shown in the 9700 colorway and is item #35248. A beautiful grass green and yellow mix!

The nine trimmings that comes in every colorway. Shown here is colorway 9700.

All photos courtesy of Houles. To the Trade.

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