Handmade Farm Tables Galore...

A large dining table is not only a place for activities, dinner parties, and family, but it is also a reflection of your personality & everyday life! There are so many options out there when deciding what type of table to have in your home. Do you go with a simple rustic....

photo Country Living

paired with modern chairs?

or do you opt for a painted blend?

A farm table only looks better with time, like an old pair of jeans it's character comes out through the years. At Mignonne we can customize and make the perfect table for you. Brian Hill and Johnelle Mancha can team up to help you have that killer piece!

Check out some tables built by Brian...

reclaimed petite console farm table:

reclaimed bench, perfect pair for a table...

or this stunning reclaimed redwood top table, with vintage base:

all dressed up..

Regardless, Mignonne can help you be budget savvy about your special reclaimed piece! email us at quotes@mignonnedecor.com to start a dialogue of how to make a custom order.



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