Scrapbook: Kitchens Round-Up (Part 1)

Balthazar's Keuken

Continuing on my scrabook project where I'm gathering clippings of rooms for inspiration and reference on the blog; here are some kitchens I've started to collect. Since we are closing in on getting some actual cupboards for our kitchen (which has finally been fitted with real live walls and a ceiling this past weekend); I've been starting to really focus in on cupboards and layouts. Since our reno has started I'm quite surprised how my tastes have changed. Currently I'm really liking just the "lowers" look (like the image above - not even shelves) - is this a European thing? And hey, how affordable. I'm also really liking black and found the above image over at Bodie and Fou (by the owners of Balthazar's Keuken) for inspiration. What are your thoughts? Do you like this look (without uppers)?

Speaking of cupboards. Does anyone know of some good local sources (besides IKEA)? I just thought I'd consider local makers/suppliers as well. In the meantime, some inspiration for the scrapbook.

November 2010 - H&H

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Marie Claire Maison, photo by Nicolas Matheus
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Photo by Ailine Liefeld - kitchen belongs to Andre Wyst and Ines Colmorgen whose flat you find here.

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