Design Style: Inspired Fabrics by Camilla David

Camilla David Textiles was born from Camilla's love of flowers and her background in art history. Her goal is to modernize the look of freshly picked flowers with a warm palette. Her collection consists of prints, embroidery techniques and three-dimensional quality in an all natural 100% cotton, 100% linen or a blend of each. You can use her fabrics for drapery, upholstery, wall covering or accessories. Her fabrics showcase well in any decor and will make your surroundings sophisticated as well as graceful. Enjoy the view below, and for more photos go to her website, Fabrics to the trade only. Check with us for purchasing. Above: Gardenias in black and Stepping Stones.
Left: Fleurette - 4003A
Right: Fleurette Dots - 4003D
Original Roses - 3999
Nandini - 4085
Little Lambs - 3849
Left: Rosings - 4045
Right: Rose Waves - 4048
Left: Gardenia - 4007A
Right: Gardenia Seeds - 4007B
Left: Mosaic Tulip - 4000
Right: Mosaic Twist - 4000A
Left: Rose Trellis - 3997
Right: Laurel Rose - 4004A
Left: Donatella - 3845
Right: Donatella Dots - 3846

Left: Natalee - 3995
Right: Tea Roses - 3996
Left: Checkmate - 1004
Right: Ballerinas - 5021

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