NEW!!! Lighting Fixtures From High Point Market!

Hot off the press!! New chandeliers, pendants and lamps coming soon! These new lighting fixtures are a sneak peek at what was shown at the High Point Market and will be ready to sell by July 1st. Look for these wonderful fixtures on our website this summer for more information. You saw it here first!! Above fixture: Bonfire Wood Chandelier, 32"rd x 34" high. Website:
Devoted Chandelier, 32"rd x 30"high.
Pine Cone Chandelier, 32"rd x 31"high - Wall sconce and two tiered chandelier to match.
Driftwood Chandelier, 24"rd x 27"high.
Roundabout Glass Pendulum, 20"rd x 41"high.
Pendulum Basket Chandelier, 28"rd x 35"high.
Primo Modern Chandelier, 40"rd x 32"high.
Serengeti Chandelier - Wall sconce and lamp to match.
Roundabout Pendant, 13"rd x 14"high.
Tina Pendant, 10"rd x 19"high.
Dream Too Pendant, 13"rd x 11"high.
Wanderlust Pendant, 43"high x 20"rd.

Corsair Table Lamp, 28" high.
Corona Table Lamp, 32" high.
Matchpoint Table Lamp, 28" high.
Windfall Desk Lamp, 23" high.
Chloe Table Lamp, 25" high.
Bolero Desk Lamp, 19" high.
Serengeti Lamp, 35"h - Wall sconce and chandelier to match.
Pine Cone Wall Sconce - Chandeliers to match also.
Rosalind Wall Sconce
Starburst Wall Sconce

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