Designer Flowers: Jude Miller's "Botanical Sculptures"

Jude Miller began making flowers from paper in the 1990's and her skills evolved into "botanical sculptures". Believe it or not, she develops these designs from crepe paper using her own techniques to get the flower just right. She will even make certain molds so the design will give each flower the feel and look of the original. Other items she uses includes beads, silk organza, colored threads and polymer clay. Jude has been featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine (as in above, Sally Holmes Rose) along with Traditional Home and others. See below more of her beautiful creations or visit her website: MAGNIFICO!!!!
Silene & Forget-Me-Not - UBS Art Gallery Exhibit.
Flowering Rush - An exhibit from UBS Art Gallery.

A Stem of Rata.
A Stem of Manuka.
Stem of Harakeke.
Indians Lanterns - Islip Art Museum Exhibit.

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