Atlanta Shopping: Stark Carpet's Newest Patterns!

Yesterday I visited the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center to shop for a client. As I said before, geometric patterns are in!! These new patterns feel fresh and inspiring as well as adding a more modern feel to the home. Stark Carpet is known for always showing carpets that are fashion forward in style and color. Below are photos of the showroom in Atlanta, see what I found!

A beautiful rug full of circles and more circles!

Rows and rows of carpets in every pattern and color imaginable!

Gray geometrics! Yes, gray is gaining in popularity!

More geometrics in black, beige, brown and navy!

Geometric designs in soft blues, browns and mixed colors.

Smaller patterns for a softer look in muted tones.

Brighter blues with chocolate brown!

What's that in the window? Gorgeous geometric patterns next to the yummy hanging Tibetan rugs!

All photos courtesy of Strak Carpet. Contact your designer or The Designer Insider for more information.

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