Principle of Design #3 - Emphasis

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Emphasis in interior design is simply enhancing or creating a focal point in the room. A successful focal point immediately draws the eye to a specific point in the design. It does not have to be dynamic in pattern or bold in color because size, color, line, texture, woodwork and ornamental detail can all be used to attract attention.

I love the use of color in this room to create a focal point.
(Image from Apartment Therapy)

Some natural focal points often found in a room include: a fireplace, a beautiful view, architectural details, artwork or a large piece of furniture (such as a bed or piano). Other objects in the room should compliment the primary focal point.

A contemporary bookshelf creates a bold focal point.
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By emphasizing the beautiful design of this tub this bathroom feels like a spa... well that and the gorgeous floors, vibrant plants and waterfall feature in the background.
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The piano really invites you to come in, sit down, and enjoy some Chopin...
(Image from Better, Homes and Garden.)

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