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This is one of the newest collections from Clarke & Clarke. The Astoria Velvets collection include rich high pile cut velvets that can be used for upholstery or draperies. All five patterns are made of 100% natural fibers and comes in 6 colorways.
Sofa fabric: Astoria, shown in Aqua.  Drapes & Matching Pillows: Palio, shown in Aqua.  Checkered Pillows: Campo, shown in Citrus.  Pillow on far right: Fantasia, shown in Aqua.  Pattern not shown: Carmini, small stripe.

This collection from Clarke & Clarke is the Florica collection. These prints are on heavy weight slubby cotton in five patterns inspired by Romany folklore. Bright and sophisticated color palettes that are a little more contemporary. This collection also has a matching chenille boucle that comes in 25 colors for matching and complementing the patterns.
Drapes above:  Celeste, shown in Chocolate/Aqua. Comes in 5 colorways.

Florica collection above:  Drapes: Arabella, shown in Chocolate/Aqua. Five colorways available.   Striped pillow: Rosalind, shown in Chocolate/Aqua.  Other pillows: Celeste, shown in Chocolate/Aqua.  Solid pillow: Lorenza, shown in Spice (25 colors available).

Two other patterns in this group:

Pandora, shown in Chocolate/Spice.

Madelena, shown in Chocolate/Aqua.

Thanks to Clarke & Clarke for all the great photos and information on their products.

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