Just Getting Back

I feel like I have been away a long time... it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Two weeks ago my three children came down with serious head colds, the end of the year flu, and strep throat - which really knocked them out - and therefore, it knocked me out, too.

Then last week we got a little addition to our family... at least a temporary addition. Our family provides foster care for children (ages newborn to three). On Monday, we received a call that they had a little infant boy that needed a home that night. The first week is always a big adjustment for everyone... but our children all seem to be adjusting so well, and this little boy is a delight to take care of.

Hopefully, we will be healthy and back into our routine now...

** In case you are curious... my husband and I have been providing foster care for children for four and a half years. It has been a great blessing for our family, though it has also been really tough at times. We also are a legal risk home... which means if a child in our care becomes available for adoption, then we happily expand our family. Our three children have all come to us through foster care adoption.

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