Kathryn M. Ireland: Designer Fabrics With Color!

If I was to start from scratch, I definitely could love the Kathryn Ireland look, wonderful fabrics and wall papers that make you so happy! The gorgeous colors and patterns are unique and special to "the look" that comes from Kathryn's experiences as an actress, clothing designer and filmmaker. In 1997, she launched the signature Kathryn Ireland collection and it is now distributed throughout the world. Okay, so I cannot start from scratch, but I am sure going to see if I cannot fit in a few patterns in my home. So pretty........

Fabrics:  Chairs - Casablanca, comes in 10 colorways.  Draperies - Tangier, comes in 13 colorways.

Fabrics:  Sofa - Moroccan Stripe, comes in 4 colorways.  Blue pillows - Tangier, comes in 13 colorways.  White pillows - Marrakech, comes in 8 colorways.  Center pillow - Casablanca, comes in 10 colorways.  Drapery - Safi Suzani, comes in 4 colorways.  Lamp shade - Tangier, comes in 13 colorways.

Fabrics - Draperies - Fez Palm, comes in 4 colorways.  Lampshade - Moroccan Stripe, 4 colorways.

This beautiful new collection is "Mexico Meets Morocco". See more fabrics and her other wonderful collections at the site Kathryn Ireland. Photos and information courtesy of Kathryn M. Ireland.

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