Vintage Desk - Before and After

When I saw this desk at a thrift store it reminded me of a desk my parents had when I was growing up. It has excellent craftsmanship, very sturdy and had been pretty well maintained. I thought it would be fun to update it a little bit.

I sanded it lightly to remove some surface scratches on the top and then painted it an off - white. The paint was "damaged" (there were a couple of drips on the side of the can) and discounted. So for 50% off, you do not get the name of the color... but I really like it.

I replaced the gold hardware with some nickel handles.

When it was all said and done, I kept trying to convince myself that I "need" a new desk... but I don't so it has already been sold to a very kind lady.

I have linked up with some of the DIY and Before and After Parties going on out there...
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