Designer Trimmings: Using Trim in a Different Way!

The styles and colors of trims to day are mind boggling! There is a choice now for just about any application, you only have to use your imagination. Your interior designer can help you achieve a much better look with their knowledge of using trim and fabrics. Below are some examples of using trim in a little different way than you might have imagined!

 Trim and photos by Vervain.

Trim and photos by Kravet.

Trim and photos by Kravet.

Trim and photos by Brimar. Two different trims layered for an extra effect.

Trim and photos by Kravet. Two different trims are layered for effect.

Trim and fabrics by Vervain. Matching trims used together on this ottoman.

Matching the rod with the trim. Trim and photos by Brimar.

 Copper grommets are placed down each side of this drape. Jacquard tape is then threaded through the grommets. Rosettes are placed on top of the tape on the inner sides. All trim and fabric by Brimar.

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