Organizing Small Spaces

Lately, I have really been on an organizing kick. I do enjoy sorting, clearing-out, organizing and straightening the small spaces in my home. I love a quick reward and I can usually do a closet or pantry in very little time (from start to finish about an hour or less).

Also, I find it is so rewarding every time I open the door and see a neatly organized space. Last night I organized our master bedroom closet... I must admit that I made my husband come up and look at it (he was very kind).

My approach to cleaning and organizing is to begin by hauling everything out of the space... making a huge mess. (This probably helps me feel a little better about the final product.) I then sort items into similar groups... shoes, my clothing, my husband's clothing, suit cases and bags, hats, ties, keepsake boxes...

I then sort these groups into four piles or trash bags:
1. Give Away or Sell
2. Trash
3. To Clean or Repair
4. Items to Keep

Because I do this pretty frequently, the first three piles/bags tend to be small. (When I first began learning how to organize I would set a goal to eliminate a certain percent... such as 50%.)

After I have cleared out the excess clutter, I begin placing items back in by similar groups. I try to put items that are used most frequently at or near eye level.

Tips to an Organized Closet:
* Continually eliminate clutter... if you don't like the way something looks on you - give it away; if an items begins to become worn out - toss it; if you love it - keep it.
* Use small bins, baskets or plastic tote boxes to organize small items such as belts, scarves, undergarment and socks.
* Hang purses and bags from large hooks so they don't lose their shape.
* Use bins, shelving units, hooks, basket and rods to accommodate a variety of items.
* Group clothing by season, use and color.
* Store items that are used infrequently at the top or back of a closet.
* Keep heavier items low, and lighter items high.
* Invest in a cute pair of rain boots... all the really great closets seem to have them... ;0).

Images from Real Simple, "31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets."

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